We got this information from our good friends over at NextGen Marketing in Akron, OH. The Web design process requires website designers to think about technical matters like wireframes, content management, and coding. Web design process deals with creating a website that supports your all-encompassing strategies. A good website design attracts the right users and visitors and also help individuals to understand products, organizations and what a site tends to promote. In retrospect, a proper website design process must work towards achieving a specific goal.

A suitable website design process must consider the following seven steps:


Goal Identification

Website design process involves identifying the end goal of website creation. The end goal might ask questions like:

  • What purpose is the website going to serve?
  • What will be the content of the site?
  • What brand message is the website passing across?
  • What is the material required to stay ahead of the competition

Understanding and answering these questions is the essential part of a website design process. These questions will allow you set the website design on the right track and develop a working model that will rank the website high in search engines.

Definition of Scope

A proper website design process requires a scope definition. Scope definition deals extensively with how a client intends to expand, adjust, and advance the whole design process. Proper work scope will help designers understand that website creation is more than designing and building. It involves other work scopes like emails, web apps, and notifications. A website design process will suffer if this is not taken into consideration leading to an unrealistic project in the long run.

Site Map and Wireframe Creation.

The sitemap provides the basis for a well-designed website. It gives the designers a detailed understanding of what the site is all about and also explains the relationship between the numerous pages and contents found on the website. A suitable website design process requires building a regular sitemap. A website without the correct sitemap is likely to crash without prior notice.

Another vital design process is the building of wireframes. A good wireframe is a foundation for storing all website designs and contents. It also helps recognizes the different challenges that might confront the sitemap in the course of creating a website.


Content Creation

Content Creation also forms an essential part of a website design process. Content creation aims to achieve two things namely;

  • Engagement and action
  • SEO

A good website should contain contents that can engage readers on a daily basis and should include keywords that can make it rank higher in search engines. The right website design process should focus on SEO and content that can drive massive traffic. A well-written content that is informative and well-structured has a higher probability of ranking high in search engines and improve traffic to the website.

Visual Design

After a clear sitemap and wireframe, the next step in a website design process is the visual design. The brand mostly decides the visual design of a website. As a website designer, it is essential to create visual models that align with the goal of the organization or the brand the site aims to promote.

Website development and Testing

After the design has been approved, a website design process should map out the plan of each page on the site. This can be done by developing new content and improving on old ones. It can also involve the creation of podcasts, videos, animations and the building of HTML and CSS of the website.

Also, before launching it is crucial to test the website and see if it is functioning efficiently. Examining the site will provide a detailed holistic view to see areas that require adjustment.


This is the last stage of a website design process. After all other details mentioned above has been followed to the later. It is essential to register a domain and find a good hosting company to host the proposed website. After careful analysis, the site can be uploaded to go live.


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